For up to maximum 40HP outboard engine performance, with 6,80Kg overall weight and 17,78cm setback

Smaller sized, compact, but strong enough jackplate for average 15/20, or 25/30HP small tiller type, clamper mounted outboard engines only!

Product Price (Basic RAW surface, if there arent surface/colour variations avaiable):

196.850 HUF (A megjelenített ár Bruttó ár, a 27% Áfa összeget tartalmazza!)

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Product & Technical support::

Determining and choosing the right JackPlate is actually a professional matter, if you are not sure about your decision, about the selected product, I will be happy to help: after providing the technical data about the boat and the outboard motor, I will send you an offer soon!

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Gyula Zoltán Kis

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Product Description:

VANCE JPL2712SB 7″ MINI WIDE manual jackplate:

  • 1 inch thick (32mm all, but can be thicker) basic clamper plate made off really strong StarBoard polimer basement for the engine mounting, for hanging up the outboard engine with the clapmpers of the motor. Special polimer material with very good environmental properties, very good UV resistance, doesn’t absorb water, that’s why cold weather, freezing doesn’t decrease the lifetime of the clamper plate section of the jackplate..Lifetime usage in any weather conditions!
  • 305x250mm clamper plate from polimer type plastic material either hanging the engine, or using bolts fixing by for more secure installation
  • Narrow, transverse 305mm wide product for the small tiller outboard engines using clampers, , operating by hanging the motor on the clamper plate (like transom hanging)
  • Only for the narrower hole pattern engines fitting (maximum 290mm clamper distance)
  • MADE IN USA: Made of high strength polished Aircraft Quality Aluminium alloy
  • 7 inch setback, meaning 17,78cm transom-engine ofset, longitudinal JackPlate size for shorter boats, or for special demmands
  • 2 inch, meaning 5,08cm basic vertical lift, basic height difference between transom, and engine side
  • 3 inch, meaning 7,62cm centrally adjustable engine height via the centered bolt system
  • Alltogether 5inch, so 12,70cm possible outboard engine height lifting
  • Basic RAW aluminium surface, but, optionally hard black, or clear anodizing surface for saltwater or brack water usage against corrosion or colour deteroriation
  • Lightweight, small sized, but strong construction with 6,80kg overall weight , ideal solution for up to 40HP small tillers, small sized outboard engines hanging with clampers

Optional possibilities:

The basic VANCE JPL2712SB 5” MINI JackPlate ready to use, immediatelly capable product, but could be upgraded with the following optional elements:

Colour and surface: Basic RAW surface on the basic product!

  • Hard Black anodizing for the premium look, or corrosion resistance for saltwater usage individually ordered (CODE: HBA)
  • Clear Water anodizing surface for corrosion resistance for saltwater usage individually ordered      (Code: CA)

Transom strengthening solution for inside:

  • Transom Plate for the upper screws inside Optional, always on warehouse (CODE: TP212)

JackPlate Clamper Plate optional:      

2,54mm thick white Clamper Plate on basic product!

  • more 1,5cm clamper size increasing option (thicker clamper plate)

Optionally ordered (CODE: SBPLUS)

Bolt kit:

Screws, washers and nuts for installation: (Complete package)

  • Transom side 4 pieces (d10mm,100mm, A2 Grade)
  • Engine side 2 pieces (d8mm, 60mm A2 Grade)

Optional, on stock! (CODE BKSMALL)


For insulation, waterproof installation of the jackplate

  • SIKAFLEX white Optional on stock! (CODE: SKFLX)

English description:

The JPL2712SB is a miniature single-adjusting jacking plate developed for smaller tiller type outboard clamp-on style engine designs. It is capable of vertically lifting outboard 3” (7,72cm) with an offset of 7” (17,78cm) from transom. The engine side is 2” (5,08cm) higher than the transom so you can get a total of 5” (12,70cm) of lift if you lift the unit’s adjustment to Maximum height. If you want to stay the same height when you install, simply mount the unit a little lower on your transom. The unique ability to adjust vertically sets this unit apart from other style plates. The jack plate has a footprint of 32x20cm with a 2,50-5,00cm thick clamping surface for all clamp on style outboard engines. With a weight of only 6,80kg the JPL2412SB is capable of handling 0 to 40 HP motors.

The JPL2712SB is constructed of high-strength aircraft quality aluminum and non-rusting hardware consisting of stainless steel, brass, and bearing bronze. The mounting surface plate is made of space-age polymer material known as Starboard which is stronger than marine grade plywood yet will never deteriorate. Starboard will not absorb water therefore it is not subject to rupture from freezing.

Technical support:
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